Kruger Park Stories

Wolhuter trail – a bushveld story By Melina Lewis Picture taken by Monique Lister Once upon a time in the bushveld in Africa, there lived a leopard. He was a wise old leopard and the animals who congregated at his watering hole called him Mo. Now Mo the leopard had been managing the water hole … Read more

R A P E in real life

R A P E in real life NOTE: This may be upsetting for sensitive readers. Lilly (her name changed in this article, has approved this piece) The water had been biting and cold, but the coffee and warm morning sun, kept us huddled in the parking lot, chattering. As our eyebrows crystalised with ocean salt, … Read more

Business Networking is easy (Guest blog)

Business Networking is Easy! by Pam Viljoen   “How do you make networking look so easy?” When Melina asked me this question during the ‘I Work For Me’ podcast interview, my first thought was: do I make it look easy? Personally, I love networking. I love meeting new people, understanding their business and identifying opportunities … Read more

School from home

School from home   As a parent of two primary school children, I am very happy to say that I have never had the calling to educate my children myself. I admire those who are brave enough to take their children’s education on personally, and I adore my children’s teachers for educating my two children, … Read more

How I launched my online business in one month (Guest blog)

How I launched my online business in one month by Ika Van Wyk   At the start of January this year I floated an idea by my husband one Saturday morning while having brunch: I’d been retrenched two weeks prior and it was my second retrenchment in one year. I didn’t want to subject myself … Read more

Working from home (or at least trying)

Working from home (or at least trying)   I’ve worked from home for over 12 years now, which may seem long, but it isn’t, and it certainly has never been as hard as it is now, during the corona-crisis. For those of us who are self-employed or contractors, working from home often means working from … Read more

Sly as a Crocodile – Part 3 April 2020

Sly as a Crocodile – Part 3   It was lonely and quiet in the house without his mother, and all the people who had seemed to constantly follow her around, seeking her attention, food or clothing. Rachel had also retired back to her village, leaving the kitchen sterile and empty. As a child, Eddie had … Read more

Sly as a Crocodile– Part 2 March 2020

Sly as a Crocodile – Part 2   Eddie was born six months after his father’s unfortunate death, to the sad Mrs Morgan-White who mourned her husband daily since his parting. From the house which sat on a green mound of thick African grass, and looked through the baobab leaves to the banks of the thundering … Read more

Sly as a Crocodile– Part 1 February 2020

Sly as a Crocodile – Part 1   On the banks of the Zambezi river, where the red earth leads to rushing water, that slithers past in winter, and roars past in summer, Edward Morgan-White lived. Edward, or rather, Eddie, as he had always been called by everyone, lived in the small hamlet of Victoria Falls … Read more