Cut Up 

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Lilian Fawlker is just a medical rep, doing her job, until…

she becomes entangled in a search for a serial killer that is hunting women in LA, cutting them up with surgical precision.
Will Lilian’s work relationships lead her to The Cutter, or is she just a pawn in a wicked game?


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The Devil's in the Detail 

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When trust is betrayed, how far would you go?
Elle and Brent Mullen have it all: two delightful children, more than enough money and a perfectly-restored Victorian home in the plush green suburbs of Cape Town. But appearances can be deceiving. Brent’s business decisions continue to disappoint, embittered by mistrust and entitlement, Elle — a social worker by choice — is unhappy, trying (and failing) to bridge the divide between two worlds of privilege and poverty. Until she meets her next case Ethan who, at twelve-years-old, has seen it all. Born into a family of gangsters, life through his eyes reveals a pained struggle to defy his father’s expectations.
In a city run by gangsters, Elle, Ethan and Brent find themselves drawn into a web of betrayal, where a wicked plot twist reveals how far each will go to get what they want.

"The relatable characters draw you into the story and keep you there as the plot unfolds. The clever details and easy writing style keep you reading to the end, where the reward of an unexpected twist awaits." Helen

"The Devil's in the Detail is that magical blend of a perfect holiday read, yet with enough intrigue to keep you in suspense.
Definitely worth escaping reality with this cleverly crafted book." Lisa

"Oh my hat, finished it ! I loved it loved it, loved it! So much insight into the world on my doorstep I feel like I am one of those people who live with their head in the sand. Heartbreaking, insightful and such an amazing plot twist! I must admit you had me guessing all kinds of things, then I got it, then I knew I did not! Love it!" Pam

"This book gives an honest reflection of the multiplicity of lives lived by South Africans all living in the same country - South Africa! The challenges of classism, power, gender inequity, poverty, gangsterism and racism are just some of the themes that are woven through the book and highlighted within the context such a relatable story - so close to home - you cant put it down! It's a total binge read!" Dr Laura Fisher



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Libertalia: Lost Fortunes

Best friends, Karabo and Isla are drawn into age-old family feuds and ancient legends when the mysterious William joins the school at half term. Karabo finds herself drawn into a plot that involves not only William, but also Isla's long-time crush Mzi Khumalo – Dayeton College's dream head boy.


As ancient battles reveal themselves in a smoke-filled sangoma hut, Karabo and Isla are on a mission to interpret the messages of the ancestors, and uncover why William and Mzi's families are pitted against each other, as they navigating their way through rugby derbies, holidays, the end of year school dance and exams.

Libertalia is a melting pot of pirate dreams, African legend and mystery that takes four very different young people on a journey of friendship and adventure.

Libertalia. Lost Fortunes out now on Amazon and Loot,  or shop now for your copy


Libertalia: Quest for Land

The intrigue continues - The usually upbeat Karabo is miserable, she has a broken arm and heart. Luckily the ancestors have chosen her to interpret another mystery. This time it will lead her to her William's mother - Jessabelle. Who in turn will lead Karabo on a trail to Madagascar.


But things aren't that simple or straightforward. Karabo must learn to accept her calling as a sangoma, her mother's interference, Isla's advice, and William's odd version of friendship. Will Karabo and her friends find Edward English and the stolen treasure? Will William reveal his true colours? And will Isla be able to win the heart of the enigmatic Mzi?

The second book in the series, Libertalia - Quest for Land - will answer all these questions and more.

Libertalia. Quest for Land out now on Amazon and Loot, or shop now for your copy

Libertalia: The End of an Era

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, this final book in the Libertalia series takes readers on a journey that begins in two very different locations. Bound to his father (and his empire building in Madagascar), William must work out how to avenge earlier family betrayals without being found out! In the Easter Cape, South Africa, Karabo and Isla are in their final school year at Dayeton College.


Dealing with changing friendship and uncertainty about their futures, Karabo must decide on her future, and will William be able to right the wrongs of the past? As the teens become young adults, Libertalia – The End of an Era never fails to delight with its entertaining blend of heartache, friendship and of course…treasure.

Libertalia. The End of an Era out now on Amazon and Lootor shop now for your copy



Synopsis of Melina's first book:
After you died...

For the lifelong friends jogging their regular morning route along the sleepy suburban streets of Fish Hoek, nothing could have warned them of what was to come. Trying to take a short cut and win favour with his taxi boss, a young driver Tshepo Dlamini slams into one of the runners. As Claire’s lifeless body lies crumpled on the ground, Tshepo finds himself trapped in a metal carcass, close to death himself.

Watching the accident happen, Maureen stands on her balcony and is the only witness. Yet she harbours another dark secret.

For James, Claire’s adoring boyfriend, his life begins to unravel as he wakes to the news that Claire is dead, leaving him to question life as it was and will be. No longer the awesome foursome, childhood friends Tanya, Liz and Kate reframe their friendship without Claire.

After you died… draws on the seven stages of grief, each chapter a journey from shock to acceptance. Set against the complex backdrop of small town South Africa, each person steps into a new reality and learns to forgive themselves and others.

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Melina Lewis is a Marketing and Communications specialist by day and Writer by night. She lives in Fish Hoek, Cape Town with her husband and two children.

“After you died…” is Melina’s first novel and is a fictional story she has been thinking about writing for many years. Melina’s career began in health sciences working in clinical research, and then as medical representative. Luckily, Melina found a healthcare communication agency and was afforded the opportunity to grow and develop her communications skills under the eye of some great strategic minds. After having children, Melina decided to move into the NGO sector and eventually became a consultant to a number different companies, across a variety of industry sectors. She has been working on creative copy one liners, translating medical copy to English, and developing lengthy strategies for many years. She enjoys writing the occasional blog and has amassed enough marketing knowledge to contribute towards several chapters of various Marketing Textbooks for South African colleges. Melina now consults to various businesses and is working on her teen series, which she is very excited to share with the world in 2019!


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