The secrets we keep – Part 1 September 2019: Ms Anna

The secrets we keep – Part 1: Ms Anna  She lay on her stiff bed, perfectly still. The light blue blanket underneath her tucked tightly under the mattress. She clearly hadn’t slept in the bed at all, yet this was where they had found her, lying on top of her bed. Her grey hair had untied … Read more

Doggone Train – Part 4 June 2019

Doggone Train – Part 4 June 2019 As Travis descended beneath the Muizenberg railway bridge, to make his way into the village of Muizenberg, he and Sparky passed a huddle of homeless people who made the pavement under the bridge their home. Their piles of belongings hugged the concrete wall and Travis stepped around the … Read more

Doggone Train – Part 2 April 2019

Doggone Train – Part 2 April 2019 As the train pulled out of Fish Hoek station, Travis stepped his legs wide to stop from falling over. The 6am train wasn’t quite yet full, but he knew it was going to get fuller as they bumped, scraped and squeaked along the line to town. He bumbled … Read more