The Devil's in the Detail

When trust is betrayed, how far would you go?
Elle and Brent Mullen have it all: two delightful children, more than enough money and a perfectly-restored Victorian home in the plush green suburbs of Cape Town. But appearances can be deceiving. Brent’s business decisions continue to disappoint, embittered by mistrust and entitlement, Elle — a social worker by choice — is unhappy, trying (and failing) to bridge the divide between two worlds of privilege and poverty.

Until she meets her next case Ethan who, at twelve-years-old, has seen it all. Born into a family of gangsters, life through his eyes reveals a pained struggle to defy his father’s expectations.

In a city run by gangsters, Elle, Ethan and Brent find themselves drawn into a web of betrayal, where a wicked plot twist reveals how far each will go to get what they want.