Lost Fortunes – Libertalia: Book 1

Mystery meets history in Libertalia: Lost Fortunes, Melina Lewis’ new YA fiction novel aimed at 11-15 year olds. Lobengula – the last ruling King of the Matabele – was fabled to have hidden an immense treasure of diamonds, gold and ivory, which was never found by the invading colonialists. It is against the historical backdrop of this ancient African legend that the mystery unfolds. Set in a private boarding school in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, the story is a melting pot of friendship, mystery and treasure, peppered with suspense, intrigue and African legend.

Best friends since they met at school, Karabo and Isla are grade 10 learners at Dayeton College, who are about to discover that the people they think they know, aren’t really what they seem.
Meet the cast: Karabo, focused on her academics and her hockey captain dreams is called upon by her ancestors to become a sangoma (which was not part of the plan!). But it is her intrigue with the arrival of mysterious, William, a new grade 12, which sees her unwittingly drawn into a plot. Isla Hepworth smart and sporty, with exacting standards is utterly taken with Mzi Khumalo Dayeton’s dream head boy who also happens to be a direct descendent of the great Matabele tribe of Zimbabwe. What appears to be a normal high school year reveals a cunning plan devised by William’s father, Edward English, whose ultimate goal is to settle this ancient debt, as final payment for the Matabele and British betrayal.
His plan: to recreate the free town of Libertalia and restore it to its former glory. From the inside of a smoke-filled sangoma hut, Karabo finds herself drawn into a plot that sees William and Mzi’s families pitted against each other. As she grapples with her new gift, Karabo discovers she is the only one who can connect to the spirit world, to uncover the key to the missing treasure. As Karabo and Isla navigate their way through school terms, holidays, exams and the end-of-year matric dance, ancient mysteries emerge and their friendship becomes more important than ever.
Libertalia will excite teens about history and legends long forgotten – ones not taught in the classroom. So, parents, brush up on your history! You’re going to be asked many questions about whether ‘this’ or ‘that’ is true or not. It’s time to turn off the screens and introduce your teens to intrigue and adventure… We believe they’ll thank you for it!